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Book at ‘Petra editions’, Paris, 2006 : "The notions of 'metaphor' and 'analogy' in the epistemologies of models and simulations" (written in french)

French title « Les notions de métaphore et d'analogie dans les épistémologies des modèles et des simulations », Paris, Pétra, 2006, 97p.

Foreword : Anne-Françoise Schmid - Habilitated Assistant Professor of Epistemology at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (Lyons, France)

Abstract :

The dramatic expansion of complex computer simulations and models in contemporary empirical sciences forces to reassess some aspects of current epistemologies of models. In this conference, Franck Varenne proposes to show the limit of the traditional notions of 'metaphor' and 'analogy' when they are used to think the epistemic role of models, particularly in regard to composite models, multimodels and object (or agent) oriented computer simulations. He suggests that this limit could have its roots in the linguisticist paradigm that, to some extent, characterizes not only the anglo-saxon analytic thought (with its successive syntactic, semantic and pragmatic periods) but also the continental one, with its dialectic, then praxist-pragmatic approaches of scientific models.

This conference is completed by the transcription of the debate which followed. It gathers many contributions of personalities working in various field, such as biological modelling, history of sciences, history and philosophy of mathematics, epistemology, literature or computational architecture.

Contributors : Roger Balsollier, Pierre Crépel, Jean-Claude Dumoncel, Michel Faucheux, Jean-Marie Legay, Marcel Miramond, Philippe-Marie Morel, Anne-Françoise Schmid.

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